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I’ve read lots about this from mag­a­zines and on­line fo­rums about the M96 and M97 en­gines, but I’d ap­pre­ci­ate an an­swer from a long-serv­ing tech­ni­cian at Porsche like your­self. I’m look­ing to buy a 996 C4S or 997.1. Should I avoid a car that hasn’t had an IMS bear­ing up­grade? Or is it safe to run on the fac­tory bear­ing? When was the fac­tory switch-over from dou­ble to sin­gle row, and which is bet­ter and why? An­thony Pot­ter

Re­gard­ing the IMS bear­ings, of course it is safe to drive cars with the orig­i­nal bear­ings. In fact, I have only ever seen a hand­ful of cars which have an af­ter­mar­ket bear­ing in­stalled, be it an oil-fed or ce­ramic bear­ing. Of­ten the cars with af­ter­mar­ket bear­ings fit­ted suf­fer from oil leaks. This is only from per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence; I’m sure there are many out there that are per­fect.

How­ever, I per­son­ally would not al­low the IMS ‘is­sue’ to dic­tate the car you buy. The fac­tory bear­ings can suf­fer fail­ures, but in the grand scheme of things it is a rare fail­ure, and of course you would only ever hear about the ones that have failed, which is a very small per­cent­age of cars out there.

I’ve seen cars main­tained per­fectly with failed bear­ings and, like­wise, ne­glected cars where the bear­ing is fine. I think it’s a case of bad luck if it fails. Oth­er­wise, both the 996 C4S and 997.1 are great cars, so you’ve a dif­fi­cult choice on your hands!

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