4.Nür­bur­gring Nord­schleife

Total 911 - - Arctic Circle Road Trip Part Two -

Length: 12.9 miles

Driver en­gage­ment: views: that any traf­fic is per­mit­ted on this fa­mous cir­cu­lar in ger­many’s black for­est means the nord­schleife is tech­ni­cally a pub­lic toll route. it’s a ‘must-drive’ road, though un­like the other en­tries on this list there’s ab­so­lutely no op­tion to stop half­way through and get out to ad­mire the views. there’s an in­ten­sity to the nür­bur­gring un­like any other stretch of road in the world. it doesn’t al­ways end well at the per­ilous green hell, and it might not al­ways be your fault, but for the sheer ex­pe­ri­ence alone – you’ll be pump­ing with adren­a­line after ev­ery lap – means it sim­ply has to fea­ture on this list.

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