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Mercer Is­land, WA 996 40th Model An­niver­sary 2004 Year Jan­uary 2018 Ac­quired

If you are any­thing like me, the sound em­a­nat­ing from the tailpipes of your Porsche is a very im­por­tant and emo­tional part of the 911 ex­pe­ri­ence. Al­though the orig­i­nal ex­haust of my 911 has a very pleas­ant and gen­uine flat six sound, it is just a bit too quiet for my tastes, and lacks some of the louder and deeper char­ac­ter I have en­joyed on some of my other 911s with ei­ther Porsche Sport Ex­haust or other af­ter­mar­ket sys­tems.

Re­cently I started ask­ing 996 own­ers and other trusted ad­vi­sors what 996 ex­haust sys­tems they like best, and a great num­ber of own­ers, in­clud­ing sev­eral on the 40 AE Fo­rum, sug­gested the Fis­ter ex­haust, de­signed by none other than Darin Fis­ter him­self and sold by his FD Motorsports busi­ness.

I al­ways tell folks to lis­ten be­fore you buy when it comes to th­ese things, but

when my favourite Porsche me­chanic, Hunter at Chris’ Porsche, smiled and said, “Trust me, you’ll love it,” I didn’t need to hear it for my­self to know it was go­ing to be a win­ner.

I also liked the fact that rather than sell you new sports muf­flers, Fis­ter mod­i­fies your own OE muf­flers with a cross pipe be­tween the in­let and out­let pipes. The cross pipe ef­fec­tively di­verts some of the ex­haust di­rectly into the tailpipe with­out pass­ing through the muf­fler, and the cross-flow de­sign also aids in cre­at­ing deeper and more in­ter­est­ing sounds. You can send them your own OE muf­flers and they will per­form this mod­i­fi­ca­tion.

FD also rec­om­mends ap­ply­ing a ce­ramic coat­ing in a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent colour fin­ishes, which helps to pre­vent cor­ro­sion, as well as re­duc­ing heat.

Since the muf­flers them­selves are ba­si­cally the same size and shape as the OE units, if you use your stock ex­haust tips, your car will still look stock, but have a neat sur­prise in store for any­one who hears you driv­ing by!

All of this made a lot of sense to me, so I told my ser­vice ad­vi­sor to or­der a ready-made set as soon as Fis­ter could de­liver a set with the ce­ramic coat­ing in ti­ta­nium. The bad news is that Chris can’t fit me in for a ser­vice ap­point­ment for two more weeks! But I prom­ise to have a full road test re­port in the next is­sue… so, watch this space!

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