Joe Croser Northamp­ton­shire, UK

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Model 997.2 Turbo

Year 2010

Ac­quired De­cem­ber 2015

I just bought new stereo knob cov­ers for the PCM 3 in my 997.2 Turbo. These lit­tle 0.5-gram beau­ties cost me twice their weight in gold at £60 for the pair, or $78.

Day­light rob­bery or ‘Porsche tax’?

You de­cide. But while fool­ish folk like me will fork out silly sums to fix a tiny prob­lem, Porsche will no doubt con­tinue to lick their fin­ger be­fore hold­ing it in the

wind while set­ting parts prices. Smarter peo­ple than I may even choose to live with their age­ing in­te­rior as it de­grades, but I am just too fussy for that.

It all started in early sum­mer when I no­ticed one edge of my vol­ume knob cover ap­peared to be peel­ing away. On closer in­spec­tion I re­alised that it wasn’t peel­ing away; a small sec­tion of it had snapped clean off. I don’t re­mem­ber catch­ing it with any­thing but it was no longer whole… no longer per­fect. I left it a day or three and then no­ticed the right-hand knob had also lost a sec­tion.

I live al­most cen­trally be­tween three OPCS, which means I am about an hour away from one. Too far to sim­ply drop in, when buy­ing parts I al­most al­ways pick up the phone and speak to the parts guys. They are in­vari­ably help­ful and gen­er­ous with their time and they al­ways suc­cess­fully trans­late my limited vo­cab­u­lary and creative de­scrip­tions into ac­tual parts num­bers and prices.

I called Porsche Ken­dal as I knew I’d be ask­ing for the parts to be posted. They are a small fam­ily-run op­er­a­tion and have been so very help­ful in the past

when I was trac­ing the his­tory of my car – which turned its first taxed wheels in their show­room – so I wanted to give a lit­tle back.

I placed the call and stead­ied my­self for a tax­ing £15 to £20 price tag. £60 was a shock, but I couldn’t deal with the cracked discs. Other than the cost, the process was pain­less; five min­utes on the phone, two days of pa­tiently wait­ing and my lit­tle gems ar­rived in their bub­ble-wrapped pack­ag­ing.

As it hap­pens you can’t buy the cov­ers by them­selves, so I re­ceived two whole re­place­ment knobs. As mine were in great shape I took the easy-fit­ting route and re­placed only the discs, which was an easy pry-out and press-in task tak­ing no more than a cou­ple of min­utes. The re­sults are worth it. The PCM 3 is again per­fect, re­splen­dent in Satin black.

If my whole car cost $80 per gram it would be worth a whop­ping $127 mil­lion. More im­por­tantly it would never be mine. Thank good­ness the im­por­tant and heavy stuff like the en­gine and the as­ton­ish­ing chas­sis with its AWD sys­tem are cheap, rel­a­tively speak­ing of course.

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