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Model 996 Turbo Year 2003 Ac­quired April 2014

Hav­ing had the Turbo re­cently re­painted, I knew that once the paint had hard­ened I should seek help and have her de­tailed and ma­chine pol­ished. Valet­pro was kind enough to al­low me to use its de­tail­ing bay at its new head of­fice in Ne­whaven, which also gave me an op­por­tu­nity to have a good nose around. When I did so I came across a room with two chemists us­ing pipettes to test some new for­mu­las on a range of body pan­els. Most de­tail­ing firms sim­ply buy in prod­uct, but here at Valet­pro they make it all in house.

Back to the car; it was first sub­jected to a thor­ough de­grease, a cov­er­ing of snow foam, a fur­ther jet wash and a hand wash. The wheels were sprayed with ‘Dragon’s Breath’, a prod­uct that changes colour as it dis­solves the bake­don brake dust and con­tam­i­nants.

El­liott, Valet­pro’s de­tailer, then clay barred my paint; a process where you rub a lit­tle lump of what looks like Play­doh over the wet sur­face, pick­ing up and col­lect­ing the par­ti­cles that have bonded to your car’s clear coat – stuff even the most la­bo­ri­ous wash can­not shift.

Paint cor­rec­tion was next and the most ma­jor part of the de­tail. I hope it does the work jus­tice as this ser­vice alone is worth the price of ad­mis­sion. By us­ing ul­tra-fine abra­sives, a pro­fes­sional can pol­ish the scuffed and swirled sur­face of your car’s clear coat safely. Panel by panel I watched the swirls dis­ap­pear and the Jet black paint trans­form, gain­ing depth and tak­ing on a much richer colour.

My win­dow sur­round and wing mir­ror trims are also back to as-new con­di­tion thanks to a prod­uct called ‘Black To The Fu­ture’ that you just wipe on and buff. One ap­pli­ca­tion pro­tects your plas­tic and keeps that sheen for six months!

With the paint pol­ished we locked in the fin­ish. You have to wax the car, so El­liott used a soft wax from Valet­pro called ‘Bead­ing Marvel­lous’, which sounds the part, looked sim­ple to ap­ply and of­fers three months of pro­tec­tion.

Af­ter six hours we were done. Is that not one of the clean­est look­ing Tur­bos you’ve ever seen? I may be a proud dad but, you can’t ar­gue, she looks bet­ter than new.

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