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Scott Gard­ner Job ti­tle Gold Di­ag­nos­tic Tech­ni­cian Place of work Porsche Cen­tre Bournemouth, UK Time at Porsche 12 years

How re­li­able is the 915 gear­box? I’ve heard the G50 is the more de­sir­able gear­box for 3.2 Car­reras, but surely the 915 isn’t that bad? What should I look out for, and if it’s in need of a re­build what are the likely costs I can ex­pect to have to pay? I await your wis­dom on the mat­ter…

Ge­off Cheetham, Manch­ester

Well the good news is both gear­boxes are great gear­boxes. Both five-speed, re­verse in the 915 is sit­u­ated ‘down and right’ from neu­tral, the G50’s back­wards ra­tio found by shift­ing ‘up and left’. In terms of tan­gi­ble dif­fer­ences other­wise, the G50 has a hy­draulic clutch which can be eas­ier to live with for stop-and-go traf­fic, whereas a 915 gear­box is ca­ble op­er­ated.

With re­gards to costs for re­build­ing a 915, they can vary de­pend­ing on where you have it re­built and the con­di­tion of the gear­box. If you are hav­ing a full over­haul on the ‘box you can ex­pect it to run into the thou­sands.

Per­son­ally I don’t have much ex­pe­ri­ence with ei­ther gear­box so it’d be un­fair for me to pass per­sonal judge­ment. The last gear­box I re­built was a G86.20 from a Boxster, but I have never stripped or re­built a clas­sic G50 or 915.

Like any­thing, you can read many hor­ror sto­ries about them if you re­search enough. How­ever, like you say, they can’t be that bad. Do your­self a favour and buy a car with a good gear­box from the out­set: check the trans­mis­sion en­gages eas­ily enough on your test drive, and be wary of any slop­pi­ness in the shifter. We’ve said it many times on these pages be­fore, but a bad 915 gear­box can to­tally de­tract from the ex­pe­ri­ence of driv­ing a clas­sic 911 and, with enough good ex­am­ples out there, there’s no rea­son for you to buy a 911 with a knack­ered trans­mis­sion.

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