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For some time now, much has been made of Porsche’s pro­ce­dure – or lack of – when it comes to se­lect­ing cus­tomers for GT or other col­lectible sports cars. The un­doubted car of the mo­ment is the 991 GT2 Rs-based 935, the de­tails of which were cov­ered in the last is­sue of To­tal 911. Well, I’ve had a lit­tle in­sight into the world of ac­quir­ing this par­tic­u­lar col­lec­tor’s item, so I thought I’d share it with you – it could point to the fact that Porsche, at last, might be putting some sort of frame­work in place to en­sure the right peo­ple get the right car.

In the min­utes af­ter the 935 was re­vealed at Rennsport Re­union, a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of two wealthy clients ap­proached a se­nior of­fi­cial from Porsche Mo­tor­sport. The two are known to each other. The rep­re­sen­ta­tive in­formed he had two clients who wished to pur­chase one of the 77 ex­am­ples of this new 935 each, and could trans­fer the full amount (in ex­cess of £800,000 in­clud­ing taxes) im­me­di­ately. The rep­re­sen­ta­tive was re­buffed.

Mean­while, only a mat­ter of days af­ter RR VI, a long-time cus­tomer emailed Porsche Mo­tor­sport and de­clared an in­ter­est in the car. An ap­pli­ca­tion form came as the re­ply, where the cus­tomer was asked to de­clare his Porsche car his­tory and, im­por­tantly, ev­i­dence of a mo­tor­sport his­tory. I’m un­aware of the out­come of this sce­nario, but re­ally it’s im­ma­te­rial.

The point is, cen­trally speak­ing, Porsche is go­ing to greater lengths to en­sure its most pre­cious sports cars are wind­ing up in the hands of peo­ple who love the brand most and who are go­ing to use the cars in the right way – rather than spec­u­la­tors seek­ing profit from a quick flip. Of course, the sys­tem isn’t water-tight – I’ve since seen an email go­ing round of­fer­ing a sup­posed con­firmed build slot of a 935 for £300,000 over list price – but it’s an en­cour­ag­ing de­vel­op­ment nev­er­the­less, and should give hope to cus­tomers fur­ther down the chain when it comes to al­lo­ca­tions of fu­ture GT cars. We’ll all be watch­ing with in­ter­est…

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“The cus­tomer was asked to de­clare his car his­tory”

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