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@gi­na­pur­cell1 Model 911 SC Year 1982 Ac­quired April 2014

We weren’t plan­ning any fur­ther hol­i­days this year, but when of­fered tick­ets to do the Porsche Fac­tory tour in late Septem­ber by our friend and TIPEC chair­man Sean, we snatched his arm off! We ar­ranged to meet our Kent re­gion chums at the Mu­seum, and my hus­band Alan planned a six-day road raid to get there and back. The weather was ex­pected to still be quite warm, so our weapon of choice was Sabine the 3.2 Car­rera, equipped with funky Clas­sic Retro­fit A/C.

Calais to Sch­lei­den took most of day one, with a scenic drive on the

B258 through the Eifel Na­tional Park, and the snaky ‘L’ roads that loop the lake at Rurberg. Day two’s desti­na­tion was Lan­dau to fol­low the B258 via the Nür­bur­gring, and the com­bined ED fuel stop/café/model car shop at Döt­tinger Höhe for some pur­chas­ing.

We pushed south to the Moselle

Val­ley and Cochem. Our cun­ning route plan be­gan un­rav­el­ling south of Lauterecken when we ran into closed roads, then more closed ‘L’ roads south of Kais­er­slautern. We hit five con­sec­u­tive road clo­sures in all that added sev­eral hours to the jour­ney. It was as if Ger­many de­cided to do all its road re­pairs in one hit! The up­side was that the de­tour roads were largely as good as our se­lected route.

Day three was Lan­dau to Ger­lin­gen via some der­e­stricted Au­to­bahn, the Black For­est High Road and a pause at Altheng­stett for a photo un­der the Fer­di­nand Porsche Strasse road sign!

Day four was the Mu­seum and fac­tory tour with chums. Af­ter hand­ing our phones in we were es­corted through parts of the fac­tory, and, with this be­ing a pe­riod of tran­si­tion be­tween mod­els, there was plenty of ev­i­dence of the up­com­ing 992 model’s parts lines. The brand-new build­ing for the Tay­can looks al­most fin­ished, to­gether with its new 911-me­tre-long cov­ered bridge for bod­ies-in-white to cross Sch­wieberdinger Strasse.

Of note were the last of the nat­u­rally as­pi­rated GT cars rum­bling around wear­ing their pro­tec­tive shrouds – Porsche’s past and fu­ture rub­bing shoul­ders. The Mu­seum was hav­ing its ‘70 years of sports cars’ dis­play, but as this was our third visit I made straight to Mis­sion-e to get a han­dle on its size and pro­por­tions. Day five was a rough re­trace of the route and saw a drive in/ drive out at Weis­sach on the L1177, the Moselle, the B35, B48 and the B421 back to the ‘Ring to the Café zur Nord­schleife, with day six see­ing us home.

Sabine the 3.2 never missed a beat. What an awe­some lit­tle do-any­thing car she is!

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