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Harpen­den, UK

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996 C4S Model 2002 Year March 2018 Ac­quired

Col­lect­ing the 996 C4S was a real treat. I had the guys I bought it from drive it to DW Per­for­mance in Welling­bor­ough; this was through a rec­om­men­da­tion from fel­low LTL colum­nist, Joe Croser, who said he had en­trusted his Turbo to them, so clearly they knew their stuff.

As you can imag­ine, as some­one who has spent the last ten years slat­ing these water-cooled cars – call­ing them hand grenades and a dis­as­ter in wait­ing – I thought I’d bet­ter sort out the im­pend­ing doom. I had dif­fer­ing an­swers on the IMS/RMS is­sue from loads of peo­ple: “Low mileage – won’t be a prob­lem” to “Low mileage – you’re on bor­rowed time” to all points be­tween. I needed to get it done, and any­way, when I drove the car and tried to brake the thing tried to turn side­ways and throw me into a hedge! The geo needed do­ing badly, among a few other low-mileage is­sues, so the IMS was also done.

It ar­rived with Kev at DW and he put it on the ramps, sent me a video and talked me through ev­ery­thing – he was so thor­ough. He was pleased with the over­all state of the car. The disc ro­tors and pads were to­tally US so they had to go; the pads ac­tu­ally fell apart when taken off. The ex­haust is cor­roded, but we de­cided it could stay. The IMS and RMS were done and a new clutch was added; the tyres, well, they were on their last legs and a lot like driv­ing on ice, rock hard and crack­ing. Nice to have a 170mph sports car on ten-year-old tyres! A low mileage 911, even when re­li­giously ser­viced as this car had been, means things are missed, and lack of use of these cars is much worse than overuse.

So Kev and the DW team got to work. He is a Porsche Cen­tre-trained goldac­cred­ited mas­ter tech­ni­cian and his stan­dards of ser­vice are the high­est I have ever en­coun­tered – noth­ing is too hard for him and noth­ing is over­looked. I have never been hap­pier hand­ing over the cost of all the work done, es­pe­cially since I had ne­go­ti­ated the price down on the car when I bought it to al­low for the work.

No nasty sur­prises, and a great friend of mine, Jeremy Per­rott who was over from Aus­tralia, met me on the train and we went to pick the car up to­gether. Jeremy loved it – he has a 997 Tip­tronic but we don’t hold that against him – and he loved the jour­ney home, as did I!

So, I was in my beau­ti­ful new car.

With 46,000 miles, a new clutch, IMS, RMS, discs and pads all round and a thor­ough go­ing over, I was ready to en­joy it. And I have been lov­ing it!

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