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Model 997.1 Car­rera S Year 2005

Ac­quired Novem­ber 2012

You may re­mem­ber a cou­ple of months ago I men­tioned not be­ing happy with the way my Car­rera 2S was han­dling re­cently, and how the car felt in­creas­ingly un­set­tled on my lo­cal York­shire bumpy B-roads… I’ve put this down to run­ning 20mm low­er­ing springs and fac­tory sus­pen­sion struts that are now over 13 years old. This month I’ve de­cided I am def­i­nitely go­ing to change the fac­tory PASM sus­pen­sion struts for some form of new sus­pen­sion.

All that was left to do was de­cide what sus­pen­sion I want to re­place it with! I knew that I def­i­nitely wanted to keep fac­tory PASM mode avail­able, which led me to world-renowned sus­pen­sion man­u­fac­turer, Bil­stein. As you may or may not know, Bil­stein ac­tu­ally pro­duce a lot of the fac­tory OEM sus­pen­sion units for Porsche – with many of those be­ing 911s – so as a re­sult of­fer a lot of re­place­ment op­tions which keep the func­tion­al­ity of the fac­tory PASM that comes stan­dard on my 2005 Car­rera 2S.

There are two op­tions that I’m look­ing at, those be­ing the B6 and B8. The B6 has very much the same spring rate and ride height that comes as stan­dard on my 997.1 C2S, so is pretty much a like-for-like re­place­ment.

The B8 has a slightly stiffer damp­ing rate and is made for those who want to run the car with a lower ride height with a 20mm low­er­ing spring, which I cur­rently have fit­ted.

The predica­ment I have is de­cid­ing whether I want to keep the car look­ing as it does now on the 20mm low­er­ing springs used in con­junc­tion with the B8 or go back to the fac­tory ride height with the B6s. It’s a tough one as I love the look of how the car sits at the mo­ment with its slightly lower stance, but I also want the ride not to be as stiff as it cur­rently is! Ei­ther op­tion would be a big im­prove­ment over the cur­rent, tired set-up. Find out which op­tion I go for next month!

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