Joel New­man

Total 911 - - Living The Legend – 911 Owner Reports -

Lon­don, UK

Model 996 Turbo Year 2003

Ac­quired April 2014

The day has fi­nally come… the Turbo is up for sale. Af­ter near enough five years I feel the time is right to move on; first it needs to sell. I was not sure what was go­ing on in the world of ‘slightly spe­cial but leggy’ Porsche sales, but at the time of writ­ing – nearly two weeks af­ter post­ing the ad­vert and with just hours to run – I have had two de­risory of­fers and a wrong num­ber.

One in­volved a part ex­change with an Audi S4 and a hand­ful of change, the ab­so­lute chancer, and the other was a straight-up-cash of­fer that fell well short of my tar­get. My ques­tion this month is re­ally this: what do you do when your car fails to sell? Blame the mar­ket, or your own greed?

I have spent thou­sands upon thou­sands on get­ting this car just about per­fect. It has ev­ery­thing you could wish for in terms of both ser­vice his­tory and what I would con­sider choice and taste­ful up­grades.

While it does have 96,000 miles now, I have put just over 30,000 on my­self. That equates to just 5,333 miles per year since new, which to me seems quite nor­mal and, in fact, a pos­i­tive. But I would say that.

Per­haps it is the mod­i­fi­ca­tions such as the Bil­stein B8 sus­pen­sion and a Quick­sil­ver Sports ex­haust that put peo­ple off? It shouldn’t – it sounds so much bet­ter now, is more com­fort­able and cor­ners flat­ter. Still, would I buy a mod­ded Porsche? I might, you know…

I’ve in­vested in new Miche­lin tyres all round, new brake discs and pads, a full de­tail and ma­chine pol­ish a few weeks back, and valet. I had the front end re­sprayed and the paint is stun­ning. It’s been given a fresh ser­vice and a new MOT! What else can I do?

There is one clear answer: drop the price. I have done that, sort of. I started at £33,000 and have now pushed that down to £32,000! Am I one of the mil­lions of own­ers who think their car is worth more than it re­ally is? Is that re­ally me?! It is start­ing to seem more likely.

In my quest to make my car saleable I ap­pear to have spent so much that I can now not part with it for the sort of money peo­ple are will­ing to pay!

Would it have been wiser of me to sell the car for, say, £26,000 with worn rub­ber, a flash­ing brake sen­sor warn­ing, in need of a ser­vice and pep­pered with stone chips? Would any­one have bought it? Prob­a­bly not, and that’s the is­sue.

If you drive your 911, con­sum­able parts are go­ing to wear out, you are go­ing to get stone chips; things on old cars break. These are costs I am start­ing to re­alise I may never re­cover. The dreams I had of hav­ing a car, fi­nally, that was ap­pre­ci­at­ing have shat­tered. A 911 I could drive for noth­ing, I thought! That sadly has just not been the case.

The num­bers you hear banded about fo­rums in terms of value in my ex­pe­ri­ence never seem to ring true when my lot comes up. And even if I sold the car for my ask­ing price I would still be down con­sid­er­ably, and that’s af­ter spend­ing £22,500 on the car ini­tially.

Still, what a car it has been, still send­ing shock­waves to my core and now just about per­fect. Maybe I won’t relist it af­ter all.

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