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This year I’ve bought a 997.2 GT3 and put around 2,000 miles on the clock. I know these cars are built to be driven, but I’m just not go­ing to drive it over win­ter – I don’t do track days and the Cup 2 tyres just don’t per­form as well in tem­per­a­tures below 5°C. I’ve not stored a car for a long pe­riod of time be­fore, so me­chan­i­cally what do I need to con­sider be­fore, dur­ing and im­me­di­ately after stor­ing it?

Steve Stronach

If you’re stor­ing your car for a long pe­riod of time, there are in­deed three stages to con­sider: be­fore, dur­ing and after. Be­fore stor­age, make sure the car is nice and clean so no road salt or chem­i­cals can eat into the paint or al­loys. Like­wise, make sure the car is nice and dry so there is no wet­ness or mois­ture on the brake discs, which can cause cor­ro­sion. You can also over-in­flate your tyres to pre­vent flat spots de­vel­op­ing over time. Dur­ing stor­age, def­i­nitely get your bat­tery on trickle charge to main­tain its health. Fol­low­ing stor­age, do the ba­sic safety checks such as lights and lev­els, and read­just tyre pres­sures be­fore head­ing out. Depend­ing on how long it’s been stored, a fluid change would not do any harm, such as fresh brake fluid and an oil and fil­ter change.

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