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912 Model 1967 Year April 2017 Ac­quired

After a cou­ple of weeks away in the sun, leav­ing a fairly mild and warm Eng­land be­hind, we came back to full­blown win­ter. It has been freez­ing cold, wet and windy but, with the 912 tucked up in the garage, my thoughts have turned to what I might want to get into next.

The dream would be to spec a brand-new GT3 – I know it’s a com­mon theme, but I think I’m ac­tu­ally in a mi­nor­ity when it comes to the rea­sons for want­ing one. I want to drive it – and not just oc­ca­sion­ally. I want it as a daily drive. Think Club­sport, buck­ets, man­ual, ceram­ics – in other words driver spec, not garage spec!

But here comes the prob­lem: ‘the

List’. I’m talk­ing about the elu­sive cut you have to make to even be con­sid­ered for a new GT al­lo­ca­tion. The strings you have to pull, the favours you have to call in and even the brown en­velopes you have to care­fully hand over as if you’re in some sort of back-door deal. I un­der­stand that where there is mas­sive de­mand and de­sir­abil­ity there will al­ways be greed – that’s just life – but it al­ways feels like a bit­ter pill to swal­low when some­one sim­ply has a big­ger cheque book. I hope there is a bet­ter sys­tem to come and I re­ally hope they find their way to peo­ple that re­ally carry a pas­sion for what Porsche is all about.

What’s the se­cond-best op­tion? Re­cent con­ver­sa­tions have led me to be­lieve that you’re ac­tu­ally bet­ter off turn­ing your back on the mag­i­cal list and search­ing out an al­most-new car; even pay­ing a premium could ac­tu­ally work out cheaper. Most OPCS grade you on spend, so you need to have a stable of diesel Cayenne, Panam­era Turbo, maybe a pink Boxster and what­ever else the sales team haven’t been able to shift. After all of this and your funny hand­shake you can be se­ri­ously out of pocket only to still be told you might make the se­cond pro­duc­tion run!

So the next big ques­tion: is the wind about to turn? Speak­ing to a few trusted ad­vi­sors in the trade, most GT cars are back to trad­ing at list price. The spec­u­la­tors want out and they’ve got cold feet; deal­ers are get­ting scared and run­ning for the hills. Could the days of walk­ing into your lo­cal dealer and ask­ing to or­der a GT car with­out be­ing laughed at be on the hori­zon? I re­ally hope the ta­bles turn and deal­er­ships go back to valu­ing GT cus­tomers. It would put more GT cars on the road, which would fil­ter down to mak­ing them more ac­ces­si­ble to all. Porsche is a brand built on en­thu­si­asts… let’s hope they find a way to re­flect on their roots and give back to peo­ple that will be look­ing after the brand for gen­er­a­tions to come.

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