Sean Parr

Total 911 - - Living The Legend – 911 Owner Reports -

Harpen­den, UK

996 C4S Model 2002 Year March 2018 Ac­quired

Mod­ern cars mean con­stant warn­ings, it seems. Red light on dash… Sean’s not sleep­ing! Well the joys of the 996 were con­tin­u­ing un­abated un­til the dreaded glow of the en­gine warn­ing light and the fate­ful words on the dash: “Check en­gine; drive to work­shop”.

I nearly wept – after all my pre­ven­ta­tive work I had bought a duf­fer. I was a nut­case. I had gone against all my own ad­vice and bought the car with the det­o­nat­ing en­gine and here it was telling me that I was a fool. I toned down the right foot mas­sively as I tip­toed to the garage. Not to Porsche… I didn’t want them laugh­ing at me. No, a spe­cial­ist, highly re­garded in all things 911.

“Dave,” I asked fee­bly. “Would you mind plug­ging it in to your amaz­ing com­puter and telling me what’s wrong and how ex­pen­sive it’s go­ing to be?” Dave had no prob­lems at all with that re­quest – he’s a help­ful chap. He turned the en­gine on, all the while whistling and telling me what a lovely car it was, while I hopped from one foot to the next sweat­ing bul­lets.

He fi­nally plugged the com­puter thing in and we were off to the races. My stom­ach was still do­ing cart­wheels and flips as well. It wasn’t good. ‘Does it al­ways take this long?’, I pon­dered, and then the ma­chine whirred into life.

“Ah mate,” said Dave. “Noth­ing to worry about. CO sen­sor; they’re al­ways play­ing up on these. I’ll sort it.” “Good man, Dave,” I said, my in­nards re­turn­ing to some­thing re­sem­bling nor­mal. With the magic of me­chan­i­cal elec­trick­ery Dave did some­thing in the 911’s nether re­gions and all seemed good. He can­celled the er­ror codes and then went through the whole rig­ma­role again. All clear. “Phew,” I said, with a loud ex­ha­la­tion of air from ex­hausted lungs. I’m ac­tu­ally not sure I’d breathed un­til that mo­ment.

“Yes,” he said, “these things are bril­liant, but they do al­ways give cause for con­cern.” He re­ally wasn’t jok­ing! I re­turned home with a spring in my step know­ing that ev­ery­thing was good un­der the hood, but it had been a pretty un­com­fort­able cou­ple of hours. That’s what warn­ing lights bring on – stress!

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