Joel New­man

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Lon­don, UK

Model 996 Turbo Year 2003 Ac­quired April 2014

Don’t let them fool you, be­cause I did. Don’t be­lieve ev­ery­thing you read on Porsche mem­ber fo­rums and groups across so­cial me­dia, be­cause I did. Don’t as­sume that fix­ing ev­ery area of con­cern would en­sure a raft of buy­ers, be­cause I did.

Now, three weeks after post­ing the Turbo for sale, at the time of writ­ing my car is the se­cond-cheapest 996 Turbo on Auto Trader at £31,850, and I have had not one en­quiry since last month’s only of­fer of £25,000 cash. Not a blink­ing one!

I’ve heard sto­ries that the used car mar­ket – es­pe­cially in the Porsche world – has col­lapsed, but a man­ual, black-on-black 996 Turbo with car­bon pack for just over 30k? How is this not the bar­gain of the cen­tury? Why can’t buy­ers ap­pre­ci­ate a Turbo will ap­pre­ci­ate? It’s some­thing as own­ers we cer­tainly tell each other, and some­thing we all – my­self in­cluded – be­lieved whole­heart­edly… un­til around four weeks ago when I wanted to sell it.

Per­haps it is the im­pend­ing Brexit fi­asco that leaves buy­ers uncer­tain of where to put their cash; per­haps it is the time of year; per­haps it is my car’s mileage of 97,000, or the up­graded sus­pen­sion? Per­haps it is too cheap? Is that even a thing? Some­thing must be amiss, right? Well, it seems to me that the Tur­bos listed just aren’t sell­ing. The same ones ap­pear weekly, per­haps with a new im­age or two and a re­vised de­scrip­tion, but these are the same cars.

Truth be told I’m a lit­tle fed up. My plans of a new 911 seem to be fad­ing and, at some point, and now hav­ing spent over £130 just try­ing to list the car to no avail, I am get­ting very close to pulling the plug. Do I moth­ball the car and just sit back and wait? With a re­cent en­gage­ment, wed­ding and new home on the cards I am not sure that’s sen­si­ble or fea­si­ble. Not to men­tion I ac­tu­ally re­quire a car to drive most days.

So un­less that phone rings it looks like the Turbo and I are not go­ing any­where at all, not at least un­til the spring picks up and peo­ple are, I’m told, ac­tu­ally ‘look­ing’.

They tell me it will shift in days when the sun’s out and the warm air wafts back and to just en­joy the car un­til then. I do hope they are right, but only time will tell I guess…

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