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What’s the best value air­cooled 911 right now?

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As good as the mod­ern, wa­ter-cooled 911s are, there can be lit­tle ar­gu­ment against the fact there’s an added cache of own­ing an air-cooled ex­am­ple, rep­re­sent­ing the 911 in ar­guably its purest form. There’s no ques­tion the clas­sic mar­ket­place cooled off in 2018, but the up­shot is there’s plenty of bar­gains to be had. But which air-cooled model rep­re­sents the best value for money right now?

Paul Cock­ell, owner of 911 Rennsport, spe­cial­ists in be­spoke cre­ations of air-cooled Porsche 911s, has wit­nessed the chang­ing mar­ket­place: “What has hap­pened in the past few years is the typ­i­cal ‘jump on the band wagon’. Ev­ery 3.2 Car­rera and SC owner has seen the ones for sale at £50-60k and think theirs must be worth that too. Truth is it is an ex­pen­sive car to put right. A proper en­gine build is £10k on its own. A proper strip down re­spray is at least £15k if it’s not too bad to start with. It all soon starts adding up. A lot of the cars are just com­ing down to what they should be worth.”

So what model rep­re­sents the best value? Greig Daly, sales di­rec­tor at renowned spe­cial­ists RPM Tech­nik, be­lieves there are sev­eral mod­els which rep­re­sent great value for money right now. “They’re all al­most over­lap­ping in terms of pric­ing at the mo­ment. 964s peaked and then dropped back, as did many oth­ers.

Per­son­ally I think 993s look good value and tend to sell well with the right his­to­ries. They are the youngest air­cooled cars and have al­ways held a good price – un­like an SC, for ex­am­ple, which dropped to about £7-8k at their low­est. They seem to have re­sisted the rav­ages of rust and mis­treat­ment quite nicely, prob­a­bly due to never be­ing a ‘cheap’ 911, plus with a mod­ern feel­ing to them, they ap­peal to lots of buy­ers.”

The over­whelm­ing ev­i­dence, backed by both spe­cial­ists, shows that there’s plenty of op­por­tu­nity in the mar­ket­place for buy­ers. In fact, there’s ar­guably never been a bet­ter time in the last five years to ac­quire a clas­sic 911: they’re bet­ter value, and the slower pace of the mar­ket means you can take your time to prop­erly as­sess the car and do your due dili­gence with­out fear of it be­ing bought by some­body else. The mar­ket may have slowed, but there’s plenty of value-for-money clas­sic 911s to choose from right now.

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