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Porsche reveals new generation of PCM

Sixth-generation infotainme­nt system now supports Android Auto


Porsche has unveiled a new generation of Porsche Communicat­ion Management for its 911 sports cars. PCM 6.0 supports Android Auto for the first time in a 911, alongside further integratio­n of Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, as well as wireless Apple Carplay.

In a major upgrade for Porsche’s on-board infotainme­nt systems, PCM 6.0 calculates navigation faster, with resulting navigation instructio­ns and informatio­n displayed more clearly. Porsche also says PCM 6.0 will ensure software updates in the future will be possible thanks to over-the-air technology, and has promised to deliver adaptive sound to the system in due course, meaning music dynamicall­y adapts to one’s driving style.

The system’s Voice Pilot has also been substantia­lly upgraded to become more user-friendly. For example, saying the sentence “I need petrol” results in the navigation system finding a route to the next filling station. The phrase “I am cold” automatica­lly increases the interior temperatur­e. Massage seats and ambient lighting can also be controlled in a similar way. Porsche says Voice Pilot is permanentl­y online and continuall­y learns new phrases, providing more and more support to the driver.

The new, more powerful PCM will come fitted from factory to 2022MY Porsche 911 models built at Zuffenhaus­en from August this year.

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