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997 Turbo Gen1.5?

- Dear Sir, Matt E S

I have to say what a great magazine that I only read due to being subscribed to the limited-edition magazines monthly from when in lockdown, and for £52 for 12 months you can't go wrong. At the moment I am playing catch up on reading your magazine so have just read issue 204 featuring the Gen1 997 Turbo, and it’s left me a bit confused to say the least.

In a few of the Total 911 issues I have in my collection I have stumbled on a Gen1 Turbo model but also a Gen1.5 Turbo, so was wondering what the difference is between the two?

I have also been offered a 997 Gen2 Turbo (PDK model) but my question to you is does the Gen1 Turbo come in a PDK model part from the manual gearbox, or was that an extra/option from the start? And are there any issues that you've written about? Hope you can help answer my questions.

Though they might look similar, mechanical­ly speaking the 997.1 and 997.2 Turbos are very different cars. The 997.1 Turbo was the last

Turbo to use the fabled Mezger engine, which was mated to either a manual or Tiptronic transmissi­on. For the 997.2, Porsche switched the Turbo to a new DFI (direct fuel injection) engine with a double-clutch PDK automatic gearbox, or six-speed manual. The Gen1.5 is fairly rare as Porsche only made them for nine months between the Gen1 and Gen2 eras. These cars retained the Mezger engine but came fitted with the Gen2's updated PCM 3.0 unit, offering better mapping and a more user-friendly interface. As for problems to look out for, our comprehens­ive buyer’s guide in issue 204 highlighte­d everything you need to be aware of, so we’d recommend referring back to it when inspecting any potential purchases.

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