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Max Newman

- Aylesbury, UK @maxripcor

I’ve been keen to show the 991 to

Pete, Jamie, and the guys at Paragon, so booked it in for a service and MOT as part of my strategy to move it onto annual filter and fluid servicing at the very least. I left it with them for a few days and Jamie warned me he’d probably have sold by the time I came back!

It was a 40k-mile major service so the car received a thorough going over and came back with a clean bill of health – not only as I expected but also as I really hoped for. One significan­t additional expense to consider was tyres. I bought the car wearing ageing Pirelli P Zeros rather than my favoured Michelin PS4S, so when Pete reported perishing between the treads on the front tyres I simply had to consider whether to go for two or to replace all four tyres. With my Dad’s voice echoing in my head I decided to go for all four. He’s vitriolic about the importance of matching tyres, at the very least across the axle, ideally all round.

A profligate move you might say, but I had been looking for an excuse to change them. I run the PS4S on the 997 and our BMW 335i, and like the feedback, consistenc­y, and stability they offer.

The P Zeros couldn’t quite match that. Could be tyre age, use, or they might all be like that. There’ll be some placebo effect in there too for sure – Kyle Fortune or Marino Franchitti I am not – but I do feel more confident with the car, and am enjoying it more over challengin­g roads I’m familiar with.

Whilst at Paragon I booked the 997 in for its annual visit but have since officially put it up for sale – you may have seen the advert on my Instagram or Facebook. It’s a move that surprised even me, but I’m pleased to report that as I write this column it has not yet sold. It will be a significan­t moment when the MNZ 911 registrati­on moves over to the 991.

The only disappoint­ment of my time at Paragon was being unable to buy the white 993 RS in the showroom. It remains, I think – if I was forced to choose – my favourite 911 and a car you rarely see. Resplenden­t in white with the big-wing kit and obligatory Speedline split-rim wheels, it really looked special. And wonderful. £250k for that LHD example is way beyond my means though, even if I was to sleep in it.

With the easing of restrictio­ns and improving weather I’ve been able to frequent Caffeine & Machine again – my favourite evening being the monthly Air Cooled Appreciati­on Society (ACAS) meet. There are cool cars there whatever time or day of the week you visit, but I particular­ly like the vibe at ACAS, and always bump into friends. The 911 line-up is predictabl­y first class.

If you’re interested in buying my 997, take a look at my Instagram feed @maxripcor and see if I’ve managed not to sell it by the time you read this, and get in touch. I’m curious to see how it would perform on Collecting Cars too, so may even explore that route – then there’ll be no going back!

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