Total 911

Great US roads

- Constantin­os K. Constantin­ou

Dear Sir,

I recently purchased issue 209 of Total 911. I always enjoy reading the magazine and want to compliment you and your team on your work!

This particular issue 'hit home' both figurative­ly and literally. You see, I live in Knoxville and the article 'Perfect Tennessee' was just fabulous. I feel particular­ly lucky living just a stone's throw away from all the fabulous drives there are in this part of the country.

I always enjoy reading the Living the Legend section and the interestin­g stories of Porsche enthusiast­s like myself. I've always wondered if there is an applicatio­n process to contribute to the Living the Legend section? Like some other owners, I own a few air-cooied Porsches which I'm very passionate about. Here's the list: 1972 914, 1973 911T, 1979 930, 1982 911 SC, 1998 993 S. I also own a couple of 'classic' Cayennes: a 2008 Cayenne GTS manual, and a 2009 Cayenne GTS.

The 914 has been in my garage for some time. I've been rebuilding the car to an 'Outlaw', original 2.0-litre engine but otherwise heavily modified. I'm planning on hitting the road in spring of 2022 for some great drives.

Attached is a photo of a recent drive on the Tail of the Dragon in the 993. At the end of the day, it's not the number of cars that counts but rather the passion that we all share. With that in mind I'd like to throw my name in the hat next time you are looking for contributi­ng owners. Keep up the fabulous work.

We’re pleased the issue and its content has resonated, Cos. We were delighted to highlight some brilliant driver’s roads in the US away from the usual suspects, and we thank contributo­r Anthony Coyne for his knowledge and for sharing this informatio­n for the benefit of others.

Fantastic also to read of your 911 collection. Our Living the Legend section is currently fully subscribed, however I am happy to add you to the waiting list if you’d like to contribute and, once a suitable space becomes available, we can get you in! Living the Legend serves an important part of the magazine as real-world reports offer a completely unfiltered account of Porsche ownership, which has resonated with readers for years now.

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