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- Steve Baldwin Scott Gardner Job title Technical Director, Bahnsport Porsche experience 15 years

Dear Sir,

I’ve a 991.1 C4S (2014MY) and keep getting a PADM light warning flashing up intermitte­ntly. Sometimes if I turn the car off and on again, the warning disappears, other times it does not. I don’t have any Porsche Warranty as the car is now seven years old, so I’m reticent to take the car to Porsche to investigat­e. What’s the likely prognosis? Is it expensive?! 991.1s can suffer from PADM failure, which is basically the ‘Porsche Active Drivetrain Mount’ or main engine mounts. They have a pressure sensor built into the mount and that sensor can open circuit, usually as a result of water ingress. I would suspect this to potentiall­y be the case. Best practice would be to replace your engine mounts as a pair, however they are not a cheap part. You could get the fault code read first and determine which side mount has failed or causing the warning message. The mounts are adjustable and offer stiffness at higher speeds for handling gains and then softer at lower speeds for comfort. Good luck!

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