Total 911



Most 930s on offer fall in between £60140,000, opening a choice of both aircooled and modern 911 possibilit­ies.

GT3 997

The last of the analogue 911s, at around £100,000 the 997 GT3 is a serious driver’s car, immensely fast, obviously vastly more modern than a 930, but still demanding and less relaxed than the 930 at gentler velocities.

993 Turbo

Generally priced from £130,000, the twin-turbo 993 both tames the worst of turbo lag and adds the security of AWD, but feels more GT than sports car. Much rarer than a 930, less prone to corrosion and perhaps a better long-term investment.


The best S versions of the 2.2 and 2.4 tend to be priced around £150,000, but the E with 35 fewer horses is easier-going and costs about 30 per cent less. For similar money an air-conditione­d 930 is probably a better bet for longer journeys, though potentiall­y more expensive to own.

964 C4 '30 Jahre'

The naturally aspirated widebody air-cooled 911s all tend to be collectors’ items: the handsome 30 Jahre 964 is a case in point at about £100,000, and the same money might also buy a lowmileage 3.2 Supersport Cabriolet if an open 911 is preferred.

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