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Max Newman Aylesbury, UK

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Model 991.1 CARRERA S Year 2013 Acquired SEPTEMBER 2020

There’s clearly a financial element to buying your first 911 – savings, windfall, or an income that will cover the monthlies – but sometimes there’s another catalyst. For me it was a trip to Italy and my friend David Walter. David is actually my friend’s Dad and some 25 years my senior, but with age comes wisdom, right?

Time spent together on an annual boys’ food pilgrimage to Alba in Italy revealed my car nerd credential­s and the desire I harboured to own a Porsche 911. David, a serial BMW M-car owner, was in no doubt that given my age at the time, my marital status, manageable mortgage, and financial position, I should be buying the car of my dreams without further procrastin­ation or hesitation.

At this time we were flying to Italy, to Genoa or Turin, and wasting the fantastic mountain roads and vineyard-lined hills in a succession of depressing­ly ordinary hire cars. The November 2011 trip was the catalyst which led directly to my 997 purchase back in April 2012. That in turn led to the fitting of Pirelli Sottozero winter tyres and a handful of fantastic Alba road trips in the 997 over the next few years. It’s on such adventures that you accumulate a lifetime of memories with a car.

The flurry of Whatsapp chats and sharing of old photos in anticipati­on of each year’s trip is what inspired these words, especially following the enforced hiatus. The pictures I can share here – the incriminat­ing anecdotes will have to wait until we meet in person. Or perhaps they’ll be worthy of inclusion in a future 9WERKS Radio podcast.

I’ve yet to make the journey in the

991, and it will have to wait another year because we’re chancing it in a 2007 Maserati Granturism­o this time round. Wish me luck.

Talking of the 991, I had a run-in with a friend of the feathered variety which has dislodged the trim that covers the space beneath the number plate on my non-sport Design equipped C2S. Some clips have broken, and whilst I can push it back into place from behind, a bit of wind pressure soon dislodges it again.

Total 911 magazine’s resident technical expert, Scott Gardner, has assured me that bumper removal on a 991 is very straightfo­rward, as is the fix for my trim piece, so I need not fear it – or rather the cost of it – and get it sorted. I won’t attempt the job myself though, I’ll book it in with a local specialist and let you know how I get on.

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