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Peter Wilson Adelaide, Australia


@peterwilso­n_oz Model 930 3.3 Year 1980 Acquired 2011

Spring has well and truly arrived in Adelaide and its surroundin­g countrysid­e. There are plenty of lovely days and interestin­g events to tempt the driving enthusiast and a recent example was the Climb to the Eagle. This event originated in the ’80s when Adelaide hosted its own Formula One Grand Prix and featured classic and modern racing machinery being driven on the road with police escort and all traffic lights held green.

The route started at the Grand Prix circuit within the CBD and ended at the Eagle on the Hill pub. School children were allowed out of class to line the streets and cheer at the procession of cars as they blasted by.

Celebrity drivers often participat­ed; 1986 was an unforgetta­ble year as

Stirling Moss in a C-type Jag and Fangio in a GP Mercedes raced each other up the hill as the police motorbikes did their best to get out of their way.

The GP has long gone to Melbourne (still a sore point for us South

Australian­s) but the Climb to the Eagle has been revived by Richard Blanden, son of John Blanden who founded the original event. It is now a cruise for classic and performanc­e cars, and I entered the 930 this year to soak up some of the sights and memories.

It was a beautiful morning and over 200 cars assembled on the site of the ’80s GP circuit for the start. There was a great array of Porsches from 356 Speedsters to current GTS, mixed with everything from Clubmans to Mclarens. One car that attracted more than its share of attention was a bright pink Purvis Eureka. This was a Vw-based kit car from the ’70s, based on the UK Nova and achieved its wow factor due to the colour and lifting canopy.

Of more interest to me was a virtual ‘sister car’ to my own, albeit being a Carrera widebody Coupe (M491) rather than a Turbo. Sometimes known as a Supersport, this model had all the underpinni­ngs and bodywork of a 930 but with a 3.2 normally aspirated engine. This particular example was an almost identical colour to mine as well. We passed each other several times during the day but unfortunat­ely never had the chance for a shared photo.

After an hour of mingling and ogling, the 200 cars were ushered onto the streets to commence the cruise. First stop was a morning tea with guest speakers who were involved with the Adelaide Grand Prix, then it was back onto the road for a great drive through the vineyards of the Southern Vales to Victor Harbor for lunch. There was more Grand Prix history here as well, as we were all invited to do a lap or two of the 1937 Australian Grand Prix circuit, an event run on public roads between the towns of Victor Harbor and Port Elliot.

After lunch it was time to plot a course for home and I chose the quiet and gently winding Bull Creek Road. The car generally ran well all day, but I still need to get to the bottom of the mystery ‘whooshing’ noise plus slight left pull under braking. I still have a slight misfire at light loads, which together with the whooshing have me suspecting a small manifold leak. There is always something on this car to keep me busy!

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