Total 911

Just do it, part three

- Peter Flynn

Dear Sir,

It’s great to see the 996 going through a bit of a revival in Total 911 and in general. At long last it’s starting to get the positive recognitio­n that it really does deserve.

I just thought I’d give another update on my 996 Targa since the completed rebuild last September. The engine now has around 4,600 miles on it and is pulling hard and strong. An interestin­g issue I had noticed over the past couple of months was that it was only charging at around 12.5V. Furthermor­e, the engine was a bit slow when cranking, the oil pressure gauge was either low or dancing around a bit and the Targa roof was very slow to open and close.

Four separate issues I thought, but rather than spend lots of money on a new battery and/or alternator, I thought I’d check the engine/chassis earth lead because it’s only a 10-minute job. I removed the nut from the chassis and gave the lead and chassis mounting point a good scrub with a wire brush (it was pretty clean anyway), not really expecting much difference.

Wow, what a difference. The battery now charges at 14V, the engine cranks like an eager beaver, the oil pressure gauge remains stable and at the correct value and the roof now slides without hesitation. The engine also feels as though it has more power and is more lively, presumably because the plugs are now firing better and producing better combustion. It goes to show the very small tolerance between a good and a bad ground, so if you have any of the above symptoms, check that cable.

Great to see the hard work from your 996 Targa project has paid off, Peter, and just in time for the summer weather, when a Targa of any generation really comes into its own. Thanks also for your battery advice – we’ll pass this on to readers in the hope it helps them too.

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