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Why has the 991.1 GT3 been downgraded?

- James Wyatt

Dear Sir,

The 991.1 GT3 has been downgraded to 4.5 stars? This is a car that won Evo Car of the Year among many other awards. The engine issue has been resolved with a 10-year warranty and a new G-series engine, which is effectivel­y Rs-spec, and is stellar.

You raise great points, James. Our panel felt that compared to the 991.2 and 992, the 991.1’s PDK gearbox isn’t as sharp and intelligen­t, and the ride quality isn’t as good as models that have gone on to replace it.

What we will say, though, is the 991.1 GT3 is excellent value for money currently and, providing it’s had a replacemen­t engine (not all have!), the car should present relatively worryfree motoring from here on in, despite that 10-year warranty soon coming to an end…

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