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These days the 997 Turbo S sells largely between £80,000 and £90,000. That opens a wide field, but isn’t enough for either rarer or collectors 911s.

997.1 GT3

£90,000 buys a correctly maintained 2007 GT3 which may have seen some track use. Nervous when the Turbo S is calm, when the blown Turbo S seems unbelievab­ly fast, the manual GT3 is always a driving challenge. The opposite of Turbo S, but a more solid investment.

991.1 Turbo S

If the 3.8-litre was virtually as before, the 991.1 Turbo S brought a new chassis that was larger in all dimensions, the longer wheelbase granting greater stability, better ride and refinement and a more spacious, refreshed cabin. It generally sells around £100,000-plus.

992 C2S

All current 911s are turbocharg­ed: the S has 80 horses fewer than the 997 Turbo S (but not noticeably less of a performanc­e), and has a state-of-the-art cabin and the expected improvemen­ts in ride and refinement. £93,000 buys a privately owned 29,000 mile example in Surrey.

993 C2S

The air-cooled Turbo 993 costs well into six figures, but the 993 C2S is an attractive alternativ­e. Motorhouse has an automatic 1997 993S priced at £79,995. The Tiptronic shifts with nothing like the alacrity of PDK, but it makes this 911 a semi-vintage tourer. The best investment here.

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