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The Turbo S came, in that expression beloved of the used car trade, fully loaded. To the Turbo specificat­ion, Porsche had added PDK, PCCB brakes, 19-inch centre-lock wheels from the RS Spyder, dynamic ‘bending’ lights, Sport Chrono and two-tone cabin leather. Porsche observed that if you added all these to the Turbo, it would cost £4,000 more than the S and the genesis of the GTS sub-brand can be seen here: the 997 GTS was in fact released later in the same year. Given the wide choice on the used market, buyers might want to customise their Turbo S further by looking out for a rare colour, or a Paint To Sample shade. The lightweigh­t aluminium hardtop, which was part of the 996 Turbo S package, wasn’t offered on the 997 Turbo S Cabriolet.

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