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Max Newman Aylesbury, UK


I don’t spend as much time on Porsche’s new car configurat­or as you might imagine. I find myself taking it too seriously and agonising over the smallest details. The thought of ever being allocated a PTS build slot gets me in a spin, and even when I helped my good mate James work through his PTS 992 GTS colour options, it felt like quite a responsibi­lity. Can’t wait to see that one when it arrives.

It was with real excitement that I set off to meet another friend Pete for breakfast recently and a rendezvous with his box-fresh PTS 992 GT3 – of the winged variety. I knew it was green but didn’t know which green, and made sure to arrive first so I could see it roll in.

The colour is Underberg green (P6G), a non-metallic hue and not one of the more ‘common’ PTS greens. Combined with Neodyme wheels and door script decals it looks fantastic, and to my eyes has a bit of a classic racer look about it. Yellow deviated stitching and details inside continue that theme, alongside the mega carbon buckets but no roll cage, to make the car more practical for touring.

What I found interestin­g while chatting to Pete was that he had a clear idea in his mind and quickly arrived at his main spec choices, including the Underberg green, on learning that the slot he had been allocated was PTS. I’ve made the mistake now of perusing the PTS palette and I’m even further away from making my decision!

The most difficult decision on Pete’s build was the gearbox: PDK or manual. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong on this. Perhaps one would be swayed by how you plan to use the car and what else you have access to. Pete chose PDK and I think I might be inclined to do the same.

Having covered a mer 80 miles by the time he arrived at our meeting point there was little to say about the performanc­e of the car, but what he did say is that it felt perfectly comfortabl­e and usable over those early miles.

My own wonderful Anthracite brown metallic (not PTS but quite unusual) 991 C2S looked rather ordinary in exalted company, and I harbour a desire to own a 991 GT3 one day, to experience that GT magic for myself. It’s a car that many people have said is as usable as a Carrera, so I think it could fit into my life and the way I use my 911 – regularly – quite nicely.

Chatting to another friend who is five weeks into 718 Spyder ownership, my GT dreams were brought back down to earth. This guy has traded up from a 981 Cayman S and the Spyder is his only car. He told me that while GT Porsches look amazing, he’s finding the 718 a pain in the proverbial to daily. The nose is too low, the bucket seats are a chore to get in and out of, parking is a hassle, it’s expensive to refuel, and it’s value and the need to retain that is stifling his enjoyment.

I know the option of comfortabl­e seats and nose lift in a 991 GT3 would alleviate some of those issues, but I do remember reading once that you should always buy a less-expensive car than you can afford, because high value limits enjoyment.

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@maxripcor 9WERKS Radio Model Year Acquired 991.1 CARRERA S 2013 SEPTEMBER 2020
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