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Au­to­glym’s Scratch Re­moval Kit won’t mag­i­cally make deep gouges dis­ap­pear – al­though we did give it a try – but it works a treat on those an­noy­ing ev­ery­day scratches that most cars in­cur.

On one of our MX-5S a pre­vi­ous owner had ob­vi­ously tried to clean off dried-on bird poo with a Brillo pad: the Scratch Re­mover cam­ou­flaged the worst of the lac­er­a­tions, and af­ter we’d then ap­plied the Su­per Resin Pol­ish over the af­fected area, it was hard to see where the dam­age had been.

The Scratch Re­mover paste is ap­plied with the waf­fle-headed sponge that’s part of the kit – the ad­vice is to use hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal move­ments and try to avoid rub­bing down non­scratched ar­eas. And it’s quite ad­dic­tive: we ended up on a hunt for scratches to at­tack…

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