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You could just trans­fer some se­cond­hand parts from a 1.8 that’s be­ing scrapped, but given how im­por­tant brakes are to your safety, we’d sug­gest buy­ing new discs all-round, and a fresh set of pads to go with them. And by the time you’ve bled all four brakes, you’ll have re­placed the brake fluid, too.

When you pull your new discs out of the box, typ­i­cally they are cov­ered in a pro­tec­tive coat­ing: re­mem­ber to clean this off be­fore fit­ting them.

At the stage where you dis­con­nect the brake fluid pipes from the calipers, there’s bound to be some leak­age – brake fluid is highly cor­ro­sive, so place some old bits of rag on the ground be­neath the discs to help pro­tect your garage floor or drive­way. And when bleed­ing the brakes, re­cruit a mate to top up the reser­voir as it drains.


Metal file and wire brush

Brake fluid

Loc­tite or sim­i­lar

12 and 14mm sock­ets

4mm Allen key

Uni­ver­sal grease and rub­ber grease Brake fluid bleed­ing kit

Small metal cut­ting disc


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