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In busi­ness as in life, from time to time you have to be pre­pared to change your pri­or­i­ties. In the last edi­tion of To­tal MX-5 I re­lated how I’d bought a some­what de­crepit mk3 with in­ten­tion of pulling it apart to bet­ter un­der­stand its in­ner work­ings, then us­ing it as a mule to trial dif­fer­ent tun­ing op­tions. I was rather look­ing for­ward to it.

Shortly af­ter­wards, how­ever, with my Clev­er­ley Re­paired Cars strate­gic plan­ning hat on, I re­alised there was a more im­por­tant pri­or­ity to at­tend to. Plenty of peo­ple were bring­ing in their cars for an MOT, but be­cause we weren’t an MOT sta­tion, we were out­sourc­ing that task. That meant lost rev­enue and the has­sle of tak­ing the cars to and fro. So we’ve in­vested heav­ily in our very own MOT test­ing sta­tion. And while we were about it, also stumped up for a so­phis­ti­cated cam­era sus­pen­sion align­ment setup.

Then, of course, we had to be trained to use it. Which is why the mk3 cur­rently sits out­side, noth­ing more done to it. Chances are it will stay that way for a while – in­stalling a new ramp and the as­so­ci­ated MOT and align­ment equip­ment put the work­shop out of ac­tion for a few days, and we’re rush­ing around to clear the back­log of cus­tomer cars. But the mk3 is still on my mind, it’s just not a pri­or­ity.

Mk3 is go­ing to be liv­ing out here for a while. Pos­si­bly a long while

MK3 2.0 Run by: Michael Clev­er­ley Owned since: Novem­ber 2016 To­tal Mileage: n/a Lat­est costs: n/a

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