HOW TO Fit a qual­ity roll-bar

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Roll-bars are a very sen­si­ble safety op­tion and worth the pain re­quired to fit them in an MX-5

No­body ex­pects to in­vert their MX-5, but in the un­likely event that you do, a ro­bust, well-fit­ted and en­gi­neered roll-bar can be a life-saver. In­stalling one, though, is a more com­plex process than you might imag­ine: Michael Clev­er­ley’s easy to fol­low guide should help make it a less daunt­ing project for you.

1 Re­mov­ing the seats isn’t es­sen­tial, but it gives you far greater free­dom of move­ment and ac­cess later on. So let’s amend that first state­ment – take out both front seats. Take care to look un­der­neath, though, to check for any elec­tri­cal plugs that...

2 Us­ing a 16mm socket, re­move the seat-belt top mounts. As you can see here, the mount has sev­eral shims, some of which you’ll need later to bring the mounts up level with the un­der­side of the roll-bar’s front ‘feet’, so put them some­where safe.

You don’t have to buy a roll-cage with a Mo­tor Sports As­so­ci­a­tion cer­tifi­cate say­ing it’s built to com­pe­ti­tion stan­dards, but we would.

Fit­ted, this cage is tall enough to pro­tect your head, low enough to fit un­der the hood. The low­est bar is for har­nesses, if the track beck­ons…

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