A Vi­sion of beauty?

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Clearly the jury at the 33rd Fes­ti­val Au­to­mo­bile In­ter­na­tional think so, as it awarded the Mazda Vi­sion Coupe the ti­tle of ‘Most Beau­ti­ful Con­cept Car of the Year’ at a re­cent cer­e­mony in Paris. The judg­ing panel com­prised mem­bers not only from the car and mo­tor­sport worlds, but also ar­chi­tects and fash­ion de­sign­ers.

As ever with con­cept cars, the Vi­sion is in­tended to give us an in­sight into how Mazda might evolve its de­sign lan­guage in the fu­ture. And as ever, we’re told it’s just the de­sign team spec­u­lat­ing upon pos­si­bil­i­ties, when we know that some el­e­ments of the de­sign will al­ready be in­cor­po­rated into sev­eral of Mazda’s next gen­er­a­tion pro­duc­tion mod­els.

So what about the mk5 ver­sion of the MX-5? Might any el­e­ments of the Vi­sion pop up on the next gen­er­a­tion road­ster? A vari­a­tion on that im­pos­ing nose treat­ment, for ex­am­ple? Ooh, no-no-no, came the re­ply from the Mazda press depart­ment: it’s way too early to be think­ing about a mk4 re­place­ment – and there was us think­ing that around about now would the ideal time for Mazda De­sign to get crack­ing…

The Vi­sion’s award was ac­cepted by Ikuo Maeda, Mazda’s global de­sign di­rec­tor, who said that the four-door coupe ‘em­bod­ies a del­i­cate Ja­panese aes­thetic,’ and that the de­sign uses ‘re­flec­tions to ex­press a sense of vi­tal­ity.’

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