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Spring, as they say, has sprung but Dave the MX-5 seems to have been sit­ting out a good chunk of it – I didn’t even make it the 45-minute drive to Good­wood for the MX-5 Own­ers Club Spring Rally. One mi­nor and two main mi­nor is­sues have been hold­ing me back – the rear brakes gave up (one caliper, two sets of pads) after sit­ting around far too much over win­ter. Mean­while, child num­ber one (aged 2 1/2) has been go­ing through the Ter­ri­ble Twos and con­sum­ing most of my time with child num­ber two about to ap­pear and take up the rest of it!

The roof saga has only just gone away, mean­ing the car’s been sit­ting around with a hard­top on. Ev­ery­thing was sorted a month ago with new rear brakes fit­ted by Skuzzle and a tatty mk2 roof they sold me for £20 be­ing fit­ted prop­erly and all the holes and tears cov­ered with Go­rilla

Tape. Last sum­mer I bought a sec­ond­hand mo­hair hood for £150, failed to work out how to bolt it on and fit­ted the hard­top for the win­ter in­stead.

On try­ing to get the hood to fit this spring we re­alised the frame had been squashed out of shape and was es­sen­tially use­less. So Skuzzle kindly sold me the good/tatty frame/hood and it’s fi­nally al­low­ing me to drive as in­tended with roof down, al­beit look­ing very tatty hood up. Does the job. And I’ll be hav­ing the hood re­placed later in the year (I’ve been warned off try­ing to fit the good mo­hair hood from the squashed frame to the good frame/bad hood Skuzzle sold me). It all works out per­fectly with the boy too – he loves the ‘let’s take the green car, daddy!’ – and we’ve been go­ing off on ran­dom drives. A sec­ond child might com­pli­cate mat­ters but there’s a sim­ple so­lu­tion – one MX-5 and child per par­ent…

Go­rilla Tape sure ain’t pretty, but it’ll have to do for the time be­ing

MK1 1.8 Run by: Si­mon Fox Owned since: Jan­uary 2017 To­tal mileage: 127,152 Lat­est costs: £325

Car cover doesn’t cover these…

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