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Sarah Chap­man Ski­ne­sis Ul­tra Re­cov­ery Booster is for those days and nights when your nor­mally cash­mere-soft skin feels more like 100 per cent acrylic af­ter a 60-de­gree wash. Im­me­di­ately sooth­ing, it con­tains omega oils and pre- and pro­bi­otics to help calm sen­si­tiv­ity. Sis­ter & Co Skin Food Dream Cream for Moth­ers & Ba­bies is a delightful balm meant to nur­ture stressed-out nurs­ing moth­ers and their frac­tious ba­bies, but it’s also bril­liant for grey, shed­ding shins, chapped hands and even brit­tle over-pro­cessed hair, while the scent is very re­lax­ing. L’of­ficine Uni­verselle Buly Chia Seed Oil con­tains a high con­cen­tra­tion of fatty acids to keep ma­ture and sen­si­tive skins sup­ple, strong and firm. This pure chia-en­riched vegetable oil has the added bonus of of­fer­ing a bet­ter use for the seed than mak­ing ined­i­ble muffins. La Mer Ge­nais­sance de la Mer The Eye and Ex­pres­sion Cream has a tex­ture that feels com­fort­ing on ap­pli­ca­tion and prom­ises in­stant plump­ing and vo­lu­mis­ing. This cream should be ap­plied with the spe­cially de­signed mas­sage tool to make your six hours of sleep sud­denly look like eight.

£59,sarah chap­man £41, l’of­ficine uni­verselle buly £180, body­ism

£28,sis­ter& coskin­food

£255, la mer

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