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EV­ERY NOW AND THEN a run­ner’s love of all things trail sur­prises you. TR’s pho­tog­ra­pher and I were stand­ing out­side a sub­ur­ban front door wait­ing for cover star Eil­ish McCol­gan (above) to an­swer our knock. Off-road ad­ven­ture looked dif­fi­cult to come by and al­though she had faith­fully promised us she was a trail run­ner, her speed and power on the track had us doubt­ing that. How wrong we were! For a start – and we timed this – it took no longer than six sec­onds for Eil­ish to hit the trails from the end of her drive­way, ex­plain­ing as she did so that was why she moved here and why she never runs on the road. Why would she? More than 20 miles of un­du­lat­ing paths lay ahead, ready for Eil­ish to build speed, en­durance and – as we were to dis­cover – power.

The lat­ter is par­tic­u­larly in­ter­est­ing and some­thing trail run­ners don’t al­ways think about. As it turns out, we know best! Off-road run­ning is a great way to build power and turn you into a bet­ter run­ner. Who’d have thought? There I was think­ing trail run­ning is all about the views and feel-good vibes, when all along it’s mak­ing me a bet­ter run­ner.

Talk­ing of be­com­ing a fit­ter, faster run­ner, we thought it was a great idea to take a look at what we eat. I’d like to tell you we came to a de­fin­i­tive con­clu­sion, but that would be a fib. All I will say is that it’s amaz­ing to hear what works and what peo­ple love. A bit like trail run­ning as a whole. Have a great Christ­mas!

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