Un­der the mi­cro­scope: ECP (Ex­ter­nal Coun­ter­pul­sa­tion)

Trail Running (UK) - - Warm-Up -

What? boost­ing ath­letic per­for­mance by pro­vid­ing en­hanced cir­cu­la­tory ef­fects through­out the body. How? A pres­sure suit strapped to the ath­lete – when they lay on a bed – uses pneu­matic pumps to squeeze the legs and change blood flow through the body. The in­creased blood flow in­creases shear stress, which in turn re­leases ni­tric ox­ide, re­duces lac­tic acid build-up and de­creases in­flam­ma­tory mark­ers in the blood.

Why? These ef­fects boost the ath­lete’s re­cov­ery in re­duc­ing ex­er­cise-in­duced mus­cle dam­age (EIMD) by ad­dress­ing the acute phase of in­flam­ma­tion that oc­curs af­ter phys­i­cal train­ing. By ac­cel­er­at­ing re­cov­ery times, an elite ath­lete can re­turn to train­ing faster, hence im­prov­ing per­for­mance. In ad­di­tion, by re­duc­ing fa­tigue, there is a re­duced risk of in­jury in ath­letes. A num­ber of pro cy­cling teams and ath­letes have been em­ploy­ing ECP. Try it for your­self via www.re­newther­apy.co.uk

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