We all know rice is good, but which type should you ac­tu­ally be eat­ing?

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The re­fined form of rice lacks most of the ben­e­fi­cial nu­tri­ents that the orig­i­nal brown va­ri­ety pro­vides, but con­tains around 20% more per gram in car­bo­hy­drates, which are es­sen­tial for run­ners. It also con­tains more fo­late, which is good for you and makes you feel fuller faster than brown rice, which if you’re sen­si­ble

could mean you eat less.


Con­tain­ing good nu­tri­ents such as fi­bre, man­ganese, mag­ne­sium and se­le­nium that are miss­ing from white rice, brown rice is also high in carbs. It has a lower GI than white rice, which means you feel fuller for longer. It also con­tains no trans-fat or choles­terol, and could also lower the risk of can­cer due to its high man­ganese con­tent.

VER­DICT Brown rice gen­er­ally al­ways comes out top, but white rice’s bad rep prob­a­bly isn’t fully jus­ti­fied. Eat­ing which­ever rice you pre­fer the taste of is im­por­tant – as is get­ting a bal­anced diet. Which­ever you go for, if weight loss is a con­sid­er­a­tion, be sure to weigh out the rec­om­mended por­tion size.

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