Trail Running (UK) - - Warm-Up -

So­phie com­pleted UTMB, three months af­ter giv­ing birth, while breast­feed­ing baby Cormac at aid sta­tions.

Did you ever con­sider not do­ing UTMB this year? Ab­so­lutely. There were a huge num­ber of things that had to fall into place for it to work. The main goal was just to go through the first night and see what hap­pened. I’d lost my place in 2014 for preg­nancy and didn’t want to give up the op­por­tu­nity to at least ex­pe­ri­ence the start line.

How did you train for the race? I stopped run­ning at five months preg­nant, but trained on the Stair­mill and kept weight train­ing un­til 38 weeks. I had an easy de­liv­ery, so was back in the gym 10 days af­ter, fo­cus­ing on hik­ing and strength. My coach Ed­wina Sut­ton put to­gether a plan that got me to the start line safely in the best shape I could be in. I only started run­ning a few weeks be­fore.

Your story made the main­stream me­dia – how’s that been? Com­pletely over­whelm­ing! But the real story isn’t about me and run­ning UTMB. It’s about the im­por­tance of fit­ness in preg­nancy, the need for new moth­ers to have sup­port in tak­ing time for them­selves for their men­tal as well as phys­i­cal health, and also high­light­ing the jug­gling that mums do as part of daily life. I’ve had so many mes­sages from other ul­tra­mums who have also fed around races – we all just think it’s nor­mal.

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