Run­ning fuel: a brief his­tory

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Fa­mous Greek wrestler Milo of Cro­ton wins his fifth suc­ces­sive Olympics on a daily diet of 9kg meat, 9kg bread and 18 pints of wine (goes the leg­end). 1908

Al­co­hol is used at the Olympic Games as a per­for­mance en­hancer, with one Ger­man 100km walker al­legedly drink­ing 22 beers and half a bot­tle of wine dur­ing his race. 1927

New­cas­tle phar­ma­cist Wil­liam Walker Hunter in­vents Glu­cozade, a high sugar drink to help the ill re­cover their en­ergy – now known as Lu­cozade. 1953

Ken­dal Mint Cake is used on the first as­cent of Mount Ever­est. 1960s Pills­bury Com­pany in­vents Space Food Sticks for NASA – the orig­i­nal en­ergy bar lasts for months with­out re­frig­er­a­tion. 1965

Ga­torade (Gator-Aid) is de­vel­oped for the Univer­sity of Florida Gators sports teams to re­plen­ish wa­ter, carbs and elec­trolytes lost through sweat. 1970

Marathoner Ron Hill uses carb-de­ple­tion then carb-load­ing prior to events in an ef­fort to in­crease his body’s abil­ity to store the mus­cu­lar fuel glyco­gen af­ter a fast.

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