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Ian Stew­art, an ex­pe­ri­enced moun­taineer and ul­tra­run­ner, says: “The main char­ac­ter­is­tics of a sky race com­pared with a stan­dard trail race are the tech­ni­cal­ity of the ter­rain and amount of as­cent, which will be some­where be­tween 2500 and 5000 ver­ti­cal me­tres.

“In train­ing, pre­pare for the amount of as­cent and try to repli­cate through big hill days, or re­peated ef­forts on smaller hills. Re­mem­ber that you need to train for down­hill as well, so take steep de­scent op­tions when you can. This will build stamina in the mus­cles and im­prove your de­scend­ing skills. Good gym work will im­prove your up­hill power and down­hill re­silience. Fo­cus on squats and lunges, build­ing strength and ex­plo­sive power.

“To im­prove your move­ment over tech­ni­cal ter­rain, there’s no sub­sti­tute for scram­bling and moun­taineer­ing. There are sub­tleties to these skills that take years to build, so in­vest time on ter­rain sim­i­lar to what you’ll find in your race. Do it at slow speed to be­gin with to help build your con­fi­dence. Re­mem­ber – slow is smooth, smooth is fast!”

To pre­pare your­self for moun­tain races, you need to train on moun­tain­ous ter­rain

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