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Used by Louise Parker Used for 2 ½ years

I work next to a coun­try park so each and ev­ery lunchtime I head out for a quick 30 min­utes or so in these shoes. I bought them in Amer­ica three or four years ago and even though I know they’re worn through and have def­i­nitely been sapped of any cush­ion­ing long ago, I love them. That’s partly be­cause of the fit – I have rather large flip­pers to con­tend with – and partly be­cause of the feel and gen­eral en­cour­ag­ing re­sponse they pro­vide even on the cold­est, wettest and mud­di­est of days. Yes, they’re bat­tered, but even to­day they feel good un­der­foot, al­low­ing me to sprint the fi­nal 50 me­tres or so.

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