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Who’s in the lead? And what next?

With peak hill­walk­ing sea­son in full swing, you may have your sights set beyond climb­ing the height of one Ever­est. Like our amaz­ing leader­board chal­lengers, you could aim for as many Ever­ests as pos­si­ble, but add a lit­tle imag­i­na­tion, a lit­tle ef­fort and just a lit­tle bit of crazy and you could en­ter the next level of #Ever­estAny­where! Here are some won­der­ful and wacky ideas from our cur­rent Ever­est chal­lengers…

Be a one-hill won­der

Steve G●as­per took his favourite moun­tain and climbed it 40 times to reach the height of Ever­est. In the process not only did he get to know his lo­cal moun­tain like a close per­sonal friend, he dis­cov­ered it was a com­pletely dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ence ev­ery time. Do you have a hill in mind that de­mands some de­vo­tion? Why not dis­cover all its in­tri­ca­cies, in all con­di­tions, and see how tak­ing a mi­cro­scope to a cho­sen moun­tain can ac­tu­ally wi­den your view on your way to your next Ever­est?

Run your Ever­est!

For some (most?), walk­ing up a hill is hard enough, but per­haps you’ve en­joyed the thrill of let­ting grav­ity whisk you down the hill at a pace? Fell­run­ning is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar, and not just for the elite or mad. Start small in hill stature, and slow and vari­able in pace, and ac­cel­er­ate your way to another Ever­est. E●●e■ Deighto■ found that she racked up the height of Ever­est amaz­ingly quickly!

Go to the real Ever­est Base Camp

#Ever­estAny­where avoids the need to spend £50,000 on climb­ing the real thing, you won’t en­ter the death zone, and you can do it for free wher­ever you are. But if the call of the

world’s high­est moun­tain has you firmly in its grasp, you can climb to 5380 mon your next #Ever­estAny­where, and ex­pe­ri­ence the Ever­est am­biance and some se­ri­ous al­ti­tude, with a trip of a life­time to base camp in Nepal.

A■ge●a Qui■■ made the trek for her 50th birth­day this year, along with her 25-year-old daugh­ter, Elen.

Climb with the kids

Left the kids at home for your first #Ever­estAny­where? Make your sec­ond Ever­est theirs and in­stil a love of the great out­doors that will last a life­time. Start with the hunt for Mar­mot Marv to win their own mas­cot and then take to the hills for the hols! He●e■

Wai■ has met lots of lovely hik­ers who are en­cour­ag­ing her two boys, Toby (8) and Noah (6), on their hilly ad­ven­tures, which have taken them half­way up Ever­est so far.

Do a chal­lenge combo

Make your Ever­est chal­lenge re­ally mat­ter. Take an is­sue close to your heart, like Richard Duck­worth has by com­bin­ing his #Ever­estAny­where chal­lenge with his #dirty­dozen. Richard will spend 12 days walk­ing 120 miles to climb the height of Ever­est along all the paths re­quir­ing re­pair in the BMC’s Mend Our Moun­tains cam­paign to raise money for the project. Find out more on Twit­ter @RichardDuck­wor5

Go long...

As­cent bag­ging is one thing, and darn sat­is­fy­ing it is too, but if you’re one Ever­est up, per­haps it’s time to go long? Savour the land­scape, lose your­self to the trail, and em­bark on a long-dis­tance walk! Caro● Stubbs climbed to the height of Ever­est with her loyal com­pan­ion Stan on a fan­tas­tic West High­land Way ad­ven­ture.

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