Mynydd Llang­y­nidr


1 SO056175 From the up­per Blaen y Glyn car park, walk up the road for around 500m, to the sec­ond large track on the left. Ig­nore the track, but head up­hill to the south in­stead. As the gra­di­ent eases, walk to the trig point at the top of Pant y Creigiau. Con­tinue on a rea­son­ably clear track to the east, stay­ing close to the steep north­ern edge of the hill and pass­ing through a sad­dle and up onto the hill­top of Bry­niau Glei­sion. The track de­scends to meet a larger trail.

2 SO086159 Walk 300m to the south to pick up a fairly wellde­fined bri­dle­way and fol­low it south­wards to a dis­used quarry. Care­fully pick a route through the quarry to reach a trig point on high ground over­look­ing the quarry, close to a dis­tinc­tive cairn. Pre­cise nav­i­ga­tion is re­quired to cross the moor to the east, stay­ing on the high­est ground be­fore drop­ping steeply to the old quarry road, at a U-turn with one road lead­ing up­hill to the work­ing Tre­fil Quarry.

3 SO114146 Set a bear­ing di­rectly to Llyn y Garn Fawr, 2km to the east, and head up­hill. There is a track on the

ground but it’s not im­me­di­ately ob­vi­ous. As you pro­ceed fur­ther up­hill, the track be­comes well-de­fined and leads di­rectly to the Chartist Cave, pass­ing be­tween two prom­i­nent cairns.

4 SO127152 Head south­wards back along the same track be­fore leav­ing to gain the cairn and high point Garn Fawr, just off the track. Pick a route down across the moor to the edge of the woods above the Crawnon Val­ley. Go through the gate and take the stony track down into the wooded val­ley.

The track emerges from the wood be­side a stream and then con­tin­ues to a gate lead­ing on to the road.

5 SO101159 Turn right onto the road and then left at the next track, lead­ing up to­wards Glas­gwm Isaf Farm. A per­mis­sive path leads up­hill on the edge of the farm and through a gate to ac­cess the bri­dle­way be­hind the prop­erty. Fol­low this lit­tle-used trail up­hill through the bracken to an open field and then through a gate to a broad farm track / bri­dle­way. Con­tinue to the north-east and a large track junc­tion, with a stone bench and a sign in­di­cat­ing the now-de­funct Bri­nore Tram­road. Turn right and walk around 100m to pick up the Bea­cons Way, head­ing down­hill into the for­est. Cross one for­est road and then turn left at the next broad and flat track, fol­low­ing the Taff Trail back to emerge on the road above Blaen y Glyn car park once more.

In­side the Chartist Cave.

Taly­bont reser­voir from Pant y Creigiau.

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