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In Bri­tain, some­thing hap­pened ev­ery­where. Sit down for a bis­cuit on a rock in Eng­land, Wales or Scot­land and the chances are, there used to be a druid wor­ship­ping site there, some Clan had a cas­tle there, some cat­tle were hid­den there, a sci­en­tist came up with a the­ory there, or you turn round and dis­cover a lit­tle plaque in­form­ing you that an in­fa­mous queen had her head chopped off there (the last one might seem ob­scure but this gen­uinely hap­pened to me once just down the road; I had no idea). We live in the most story-rich na­tion in the world. Com­pare it to bits of Canada, when quite pos­si­bly the last thing to walk there be­fore you was a Tyran­nosaur, and you may feel claus­tro­pho­bic. But here’s the thing: our out­side is gor­geous. Worked, used, lived in, but loved. For me it makes it more in­ter­est­ing, richer, more ours. More shared, through time. And for the finest ex­am­ple of this shared love, see page 46. And next time you are up in those fells, for all it later led to, mum­ble thanks. They did a good thing there. Si­mon In­gram, ed­i­tor (Twit­ter @MrSi­monIn­gram)

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