Meindo Meran GTX £214

TESTER Tim Butcher

Trail (UK) - - SHOES VS BOOTS -

■ Ma­te­ria● Nubuck leather, Gore-Tex wa­ter­proof lin­ing

■ So●e Vi­bram Meindl Multi­grip 3 ■ Me■’s 6-15 ■ Wome■’s 4-8

■ Weight 1642g (size 12)

On the shelf these look like stun­ning boots, with a wider fit as stan­dard, a full leather up­per, a Gore-Tex lin­ing and a Meindl Multi­grip sole. First im­pres­sions are of great com­fort, with a soft footbed and higher than av­er­age an­kle cuff which to­gether pro­vide cush­ion­ing un­der­foot and gen­tle sup­port and pro­tec­tion for the an­kle on well-main­tained paths and grassy fells. The sole unit was a sur­prise when we hit rock­ier ground though, as it flexed and twisted far more than other 3-sea­son boots I’ve come to trust, and the soft­ness meant I felt ev­ery rock through the flex­i­ble sole. The lugs were not as deep as I’d have liked, so grip was not ideal, es­pe­cially on rock and scree. The Meran GTX would be ideal for moor­land paths, for­est tracks and bog­gier ground where

its over­all com­fort and wa­ter­proof lin­ing would ex­cel – but on rock­ier ground I’d pre­fer more stiff­ness and deeper lugs.

PROS Com­fort, soft an­kle sup­port, wider fit than stan­dard Meindl boots

CONS Out­sole did not of­fer the same depth of lugs or stiff­ness as oth­ers

BUY IT IF You want a very comfy boot for use on eas­ier paths, moor­land and boggy ground

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