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USED BY Gra­ham Thomp­son, ‘handy’ gear tester ex­traor­di­naire USED FOR 9 months

These ul­tra-light­weight gloves tip the scales at just 56g for a large pair, and they pack down to the size of a small fist. I first wore them last spring and brought them back into ser­vice this au­tumn for those chilly and/or wet days when you need some hand pro­tec­tion but not a full win­ter glove, which would be too hot.

I used the Vor­tex gloves on Spain’s Camino de San­ti­ago each morn­ing for an hour, when the light rain and cold tem­per­a­tures were more than my bare hands wanted to tol­er­ate. I’ve also worn them in the Lakes when there’s been just a hint of a nip in the air.

Wa­ter­proof­ing and breatha­bil­ity is pro­vided by a slimline Gore-Tex insert, while warmth is af­forded by a thin layer of brushed mi­crofleece. Be­ing so thin, the Vor­tex are great for fold­ing trekking poles, and you can even op­er­ate phone or GPS but­tons while wear­ing them. The draw­back is, of course, that they are not very warm and won’t be as durable as a glove with a tougher shell, but for hill­walk­ing in low spring and au­tumn tem­per­a­tures at home or abroad, they are spot-on. An­other plus point is that, be­ing light and com­pact, they are handy to stow in a pocket ready to pop on as needed when the mer­cury starts to drop.


Great ●ightweight g●oves for mi●d chi●●s a■d wet weather whe■ a fu●● wi■ter g●ove wou●d be too hot.

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