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In­gram, oxy­gen-lov­ing ed­i­tor USED FOR one wet night

I have never par­tic­u­larly liked bivvy bags. I don’t know, some­thing about seal­ing my­self up in a syn­thetic co­coon with no light and only a la­bel on the side to re­as­sure me that yes, air will make it through the fab­ric and there­fore yes, the chances of wak­ing up in the morn­ing are at least tech­ni­cally prob­a­ble. I’ve had jack­ets that made sim­i­lar guar­an­tees about dry­ness that turned out to be lies, and the idea of trust­ing my res­pi­ra­tion to such a thing never re­ally ap­pealed.

How­ever this au­tumn, with a drippy cave for the night’s boudoir and a big day to fol­low, I had lit­tle choice. And I have to say, my con­cerns quickly dis­si­pated. I’m not go­ing to say I had a snug­gly, comfy night (come on!), but the eVent fab­ric this bivvy is made of didn’t feel in any way stuffy, and was ac­tu­ally quite well ven­ti­lated, even when pulled right over my head. I didn’t zip it up – I found the Vel­cro tabs enough, and to be hon­est I think that might be a step too far into body bag ter­ri­tory – but re­mained dry and quite happy while I lay there and waited for the night to be over. My only is­sue is that this 470g, su­perbly pack­able bivvy is a lit­tle crackly. But it’s spa­cious enough for a mat and bag, and it cer­tainly opens up your op­tions for a night out­doors.


It’s ■ot cheap, but it has rea●ig■ed my fears about bivvy bags bei■g body bags with mur­der­ous i■te■t.


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