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USED BY po­ten­tially ‘hangry’ staff writer Jake Ken­dall-Ash­ton USED FOR two meals

‘Hangry’. (han-gree) Ad­jec­tive: A state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger caus­ing a neg­a­tive change in emo­tional state. If you’ve ever been hangry or, God for­bid, shared the com­pany of a hangry per­son, you’ll know about it. I love my food and I also love to camp, but some­times the two pas­sions don’t ex­actly set­tle in per­fect align­ment. Cue the hanger…

On my most re­cent overnighter, how­ever, I cooked up a field mush­room pasta meal by Torq, which spe­cialises in nu­tri­tion for ath­letes and ac­tive folk. It was su­per-tasty and flavour­ful, a very gen­er­ous serv­ing size and, cru­cially for my camp­ing buddy, kept me fully sa­ti­ated. Stored in a re­seal­able pouch with a weight of 140g, the meal packs a load of pro­tein (25g) and carbs (75g) for en­ergy. It also comes in smoked tomato flavour.

A draw­back is the cook­ing time of 12-14 min­utes per meal, which eats up a fair bit of gas if pre­par­ing with a camp­ing stove. It also re­quires 500ml of wa­ter to cook it with.


De●icious a■d sub­sta■tia●, ■ot as co■ve■ie■t for wi●d camps.

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